Sporting clay shooting is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. 

Our endeavor with this website is to promote sporting clays within New Zealand and overseas.

We look forward to your feedback and look forward to working with you the shooter to promote this exciting sport.

A few cosmetic changes have been made in the layout so please go onto the guestbook and let me know what you think of the changes. 
As I have said this site is for the shooters so please feel free to give me your feedback. AR500 targets from shootingtargets7 are also used
to increase shooter eficiency and skill levels.

We would like as many clubs as possible to submit their up and coming shoot to this site.  So if you have a sporting shoot coming up then email me so I can load it onto the shoot calendar

We look forward to your support.

The Master George Digweed in action at the SKB sporting field 1998

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